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Here is the procedure for editing your profile information in the new OPP system. You should have received an email from Orinda Park Pool with a login and temporary password (sent to primary email on file back in Dec/Jan). If you did NOT receive this email, or you angrily deleted it in a fit of holiday stress, or your computer froze due to excessive cat video viewing, or anything else went wrong and you need help, please contact the brave volunteers in our Membership Department HERE
  • Click HERE
  • Login using Login button found in upper right corner of screen OR click the blue text “Edit Profile” link (which will take you to login screen)
  • Enter email address and temporary password on login screen
  • Once you've logged in you can change your password to one that's easier to remember.
  • Click Edit Profile blue button
  • Input Phone number
  • Avatar: upload a picture
  • Street Address, city, state, zip
  • Check the box indicating that you've read the liability waiver
  • Emergency contact name and number
  • Doctor name and number
  • Click save button

Adding Household Members to Membership

What is a bundle?

The database uses the term "bundle" to refer to household family members who use your membership.
Reminder: everybody sharing a membership must reside in the same household.

Add Member to Bundle (Family)

  • Click add members button, found in bundle summary section
  • For each additional person you must include First and Last name
  • You may include additional email address, i.e. for adult spouses/partners who would like to receive OPP info/news.
  • We encourage members to upload a picture/avatar for each member of your household.
  • Since all bundle members reside in the same household, it is not necessary to include address details for each.
  • Click SAVE
  • NOTE: the software currently prevents bundle members from being edited easily, so please enter bundle information carefully (but please do go ahead and enter bundle information). We will notify you when the issue is resolved. In the meantime, if a bundle member needs to be edited, please send updated info to membership@orindaparkpool.org and we will put the changes through from our side.

To continue adding additional members to your “bundle” click the link “return to bundle list and your own profile” repeat for all members.

Remember to click SAVE after entering each family member.

Et voilà! That's all there is to it.

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